Guests sleeping tents:

  • Tent demensions are: round bell tent 4m accross with a center pole over 10feet high

  • 100% insect proof

  • 100% water proof, even with the windows open
  •  Large front and rear gauze doors that can be closed up, roof windows/ vents, floor windows/ vents
  • Beds are double beds off the ground with thick matresses
  • 100% cotton linen. Blankets are quality for keeping you warm
  • Additional fleece blanket provided

  • Bed side tables

  • Solar reading lights

  • Solar over-head light

  • Face washing basin (with hot water) and mirror outside of the tent

  • Two chairs outside of the tent

  • Ground sheet in front of the tent to make a comfortable veranda
  • The camp crew will make up the tent every day

Mess tent & meals:

  •  All meals are sit down meals served by a waiter
  •  Four course meals are prepared with fresh ingredients (i.e. meat and produce, fresh baked breads) by a well-trained chef in camp
  •  Cutlery is all good quality glass
  •  Fresh ground coffee, tea and water are available in the mess tent at all times
  •  Mess tent is 4m by 3m large and 2.5m high
  •  100% water proof with clear PVC sides that can roll down
  •  All the sides are covered with mesh and all the sides can zip open and roll up to create a comfortable open dining feel
  •  Drinks are included in camp, we supply a variety of sodas, beers, red and white wines, gin and tonic, juices and water

 Bathroom tent:

  • Toilet tent is attached bathrooms
  • Toilets are large wooden toilet boxes and we use a shallow pit latrine system
  • The tent has a large shower area
  • Showers are shower-buckets that are hoisted in to the air on a pulley system
  • Large bath sheets, small hand towels and soap are provided

Camp movement:

  • The camp moves with the wildebeest migration. Not daily but rather seasonally

  • The camp moves with a supply vehicle and trailer. Guests dont need to assist with the camp movement

  • The camp crew is responsible for the set up of camp

  • The camp is generally set up a day prior to guest arrival

  • The camp is ready when guests arrive in camp

  • Guests do not need to be involved in any set up of the camp

 Camp crew:

  •  Every camp will have a chef, waiter and driver, therefore a minimum of three crew per camp at any given time