Why Wayo is "Green"

Our philosophy has always been to do what we do in the most social and environmentaly friendly manner. Here is how we do it:

Out of vehicle
We are the only company in Tanzania to offer travelers the opportunity to spend a few hours out of the vehicle on a short walking safari, canoeing safari, mountain biking safari or village walk. This way we get people in touch with the essence of Africa but also limit vehicles use. We take a few thousand guests on activities every year. Without these activities these guests would have been driving around. By providing these activities we cut down on CO2.

Walking and trekking

National Parks only allow small, well managed camps to enter the National Park wilderness zones. This is the reason why Wayo Africa is one of only a hand full of companies allowed to conduct walking and trekking safaris inside the Serengeti National Park.

Leave only footprints
We have invested in Green Camps that are easy to set up and manage, leaving much less impact. We use solar powered lights and have our own water filtration plant. Our aim is to cut down on the use of plastic and limit vehicle use. This way we have a low impact on the environment, leaving only footprints. Conventional camping safaris generally have large tents that need trucks and many staff to move and set up. These camps leave prime bush locations in a devastating state.

Back into community

All the meals served in camp are of excellent standard and all raw ingredients are purchased from local markets, local shops and farms putting money back in to local communities.

Guide training
Wayo Africa has been outfitting a guide training school for the past 8 years and are one of the most recognized guide training facilities in Tanzania. Check our guide training course.

Kids learning centre
We are very actively supporting a small non for profit organization for early years, called The Learning Space.

Employ Tanzanians
We strongly believe in training and employing Tanzanian people in key positions. Almost all our employees are Tanzanians.