Course - Birds & Birding

5-day Guide Course

11 April - 15 April or 25 April - 29 April 2016
Lush Gardens hotel, Kwa Iddi, Arusha


You won’t believe how much birding knowledge you will learn during this 5-day specialist birding course. The course is aimed at guides who want to increase and improve their knowledge and understanding of birds.

Accurate species ID, plumage, calls, courtship & breeding, nests, migration and more will be covered by our experts on these animals that are always all around us. We also discuss how the result of flight and adaptations have made birds so successful.

In order to keep the costs down to a minimum, we are holding the course at the Lush Gardens hotel in Arusha, which also makes it easily accessible to many more guides. The course consists of classroom theory including bird slides & bird calls, research and presentation tasks and a full day practical out in the field observing & identifying birds.

We will spend some time finding the endemic Beesley’s Lark on the Asogati Plains in Engikaret village and other endemics and specials not commonly seen.

Outline of topics covered in the course:

  • As guides - Why are birds important
  • Evolution of birds
  • Bird anatomy
  • How birds have adapted to the environment
  • Bird ID – helpful tips
  • Feeding, breeding & parental care…or not? (brood parasites)
  • Nests & nesting behavior
  • Migration & navigation – look into some of our migrant birds
  • Commonly seen birds – fascinating facts and names explained
  • Making birding interesting to your guests

The cost for the 5-day course is reduced: from $265 to $200!

This includes 1 full day in the field. In order to keep costs down, there will be no meals provided.

To make a booking please send an e-mail to: or phone Brian (0783 588 749).