Course - Customer Care & Presentations

5-day Guide Course

4 April - 8 April 2016 or 18 April - 22 April 2016
Lush Gardens hotel in Kwa Iddi, Arusha


Never forget that tourists are the lifeblood of our industry. They have dreams, desires & expectations. They are the sole purpose of your employment. They pay your salary. The tourist dollar provides motivation for our African Governments to protect large areas of wilderness.

With this in mind, we would like to present a course to you, the guides of Tanzania, on understanding, looking after and communicating effectively with your guests. We believe that this is the foundation to creating and conducting an exceptional safari experience. Details of what will be covered during the course are listed below. Come along and invest in yourself for a fun-filled learning experience.

This will be a 5-day course with a maximum of 20 guides per course and will be held at Lush Gardens hotel in Arusha. Wayo has decided to present this course in town so as to keep the costs to a minimum which will hopefully attract and be affordable to many more guides.

Customer Care

1. Customer care

  • Establishing guests needs
  • Welcome talks & briefings
  • Keeping guests informed
  • Dealing with difficult guests

2. Cultural etiquette

  • Understanding & accepting cultural differences
  • Personal hygiene

3. Guests expectations

  • Guest sensitivity - sensitivity towards animals & environment
  • Respect
  • Sharing personal & political information

4. Effective communication & listening skills

  • Reading & understanding your guests
  • Greeting guests and referring to guests by name

5. Guest etiquette

  • Before activities – be prepared
  • During activities – managing guests, approaching sightings, guest sensitivity
  • After activity – entertain the right amount

6. Hosting guests

  • Table etiquette, helping waiters
  • Enhancing dining experience for guests
  • Dress code

Effective communication & conducting a presentation

1. Effective communication

  • Verbal communication with guests
  • Importance of "The first impression"
  • Non-verbal communication with guests - body language, eye contact, tone of voice, dress, gestures, confidence
  • Cultural awareness and understanding

2. How to make intelligent conversation

  • In the vehicle, during sundowners & at the dinner table

3. Public speaking

  • Why, who, what, how
  • Tips to help

4. Presentation skills

  • How to conduct a presentation to an audience

5. Using props

  • Visual aids & equipment to enhance your presentation

6. Audience participation

  • Questions, humour, shock, pause etc

7. Presentations –Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Each guide will be recorded giving a presentation
  • All presentations will be viewed & feedback given
  • Guides will be recorded again, viewed & feedback given to see improvement

The cost for the 5-day course is reduced: from $265 to $200 per person!

This includes:

  • Course facilitators – 2 experienced facilitators
  • Specifically tailored course applicable to the guiding industry
  • Room hire with power point presentations
  • Recording & playback of presentations
  • No meals in order to keep costs down
  • Certificate of attendance from Wayo Africa – a FGASA specialist training provider

To make a booking please send an e-mail to: or phone Brian (0783 588 749).