Paul Joynson-Hicks


Wildlife Photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE

UK born and bred, Paul has spent the last 20 odd years living and working as a wildlife and travel photographer in East Africa. His work has been widely published, including four coffee table wildlife and travel photography books, demonstrating the breadth of his photography knowledge and diversity of his life experiences. At the very heart of his photography is an exuberant passion for Africa and having travelled extensively throughout the East African region, Paul is fluent in Swahili and has an insightful perception of local cultures. He also has a deep and passionate interest in wildlife and birdlife adding an extra dimension to the photographic angle he brings. Paul’s greatest passion apart from photography and wildlife is sharing them with others, which is why his Photography courses, trips and workshops have proved so popular over the years. Find out more about what you can learn and how the trips work on his website