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Apr 12, 2016

Best times to visit Serengeti


You want to go on safari and wonder what's the best time to visit the Serengeti?
Wildlife viewing in Serengeti National Park is good throughout the year, but certain areas are better at specific times.

From June to October:

  • These are the best months to see the wildebeest migration in the western corridor and Northern Serengeti.
  • Animals are easier to spot since they concentrate around waterholes and rivers and the vegetation is less thick.
  • Famous wildebeest river crossings.
  • Wildebeest mating season.
  • It is mostly sunny (20-25 °C / 71-78 °F).
  • It rarely rains during the day, but afternoon thundershowers can be expected in Northern Tanzania.
  • The chance of catching malaria is minimal since there are very few mosquitoes at this high altitude.  

From December to March:

  • These are the best months to see the wildebeest migration in Southern Serengeti.
  • Wildebeest are calving (half a million calves are born) and you can see young wildebeest play.
  • High density of predators.
  • Great time for bird lovers since many birds migrate to East Africa from Europe.
  • It is really sunny (25-30 °C / 77-85 °F).   
  • Almost no rainfall.

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