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Jul 17, 2016

5 top activities while on safari in Tanzania


You want to add some active adventure to your safari in Tanzania? These 5 top safari activities awaken your senses and offer you a different perspective of the African bush and wildlife.

1. Canoeing

Go on a relaxed canoeing trip at Lake Manyara, Lake Momella or Lake Duluti. Get close to giraffes, elephants, buffaloes and other animals grazing at the shorelines. All from the comfort of your canoe. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you.

2. Mountain biking
Exploring the country by bike gives you the change to really interact with the local people and wildlife. The mountain bike rides are designed to give you both a wildlife and cultural experience. Most of these paths are nice and smooth and easy riding. Obviously there are more challenging routes for the adventurer.

3. Treetop Walkway
Enjoy a unique birds-eye view of the world around you on an unforgettable 500 meter airwalk in Lake Manyara National Park. Experience nature like never before. This Treetop Walkway is totally new and unique in Tanzania and opens next September.

4. Nature walks
Walk or hike through the beautiful forests and valleys of Tanzania while learning the secrets of the bush and wildlife from your expert guide. On foot you are a participant in the world of wildlife rather than a spectator, which is a thrilling safari experience.

5. Cultural walks
Immerse yourself in the local culture. Visit local markets, schools, farms and have a drink in a local pub or taste all the local dishes at the Swahili Canteen. A great change to interact with the local people and get a real feel for the country you are travelling in.   

These are absolutely activities that will enrich your safari experience!

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