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Aug 3, 2016

8 reasons to visit Tarangire

Sometimes it's difficult to put your finger on what it is that makes a location so special. We give you 8 reasons why you should visit Tarangire National Park.


  • Tarangire is untamed and has an authentic safari atmosphere.

  • The park is reputed to have the highest concentration of elephants in the world. So if you love elephants, this is the place to be.

  • Moreover, it has tree-climbing lions, baobab trees and abundant birdlife. But you also won’t go long without seeing zebras, wildebeest, water bucks, warthogs, cranes, giraffes, dick dicks, ostriches, baboons and velvet monkeys.

  • Watching wildlife in Tarangire is good all year long.

  • The park is very easy to get to: only 3-4 hours outside Arusha. It’s a prime stop of Tanzania’s northern safari circuit.

  • You can camp on the banks of the Tarangire River in the south of the park. Our unique Green Camp is set up in a stunning location, under sausage trees, in the heart of nature.

  • The main activity for visitors to Tarangire is day time game drives, but it is also possible to do an adventurous walking safari in this national park.

  • There’s quite a mix of landscapes at Tarangire. Much of it is savanna, but there are also areas of grassland plain and swamps.


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