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Jun 6, 2017

8 reasons why you should go on a walking safari

A walking safari is the most authentic safari experience on earth. Feel the excitement and thrill of exploring the wild on foot. Go beyond the ordinary. We give you 8 reasons why you should go on a walking safari.


  1. On foot you are a participant in the world of wildlife rather than a spectator.
  2. You can visit remote areas in solitude, away from the crowds.
  3. It awakens your senses when you see, feel, hear and smell wildlife and the bush.
  4. You walk on the same path as elephants, lions, buffaloes and other wildlife.
  5. Feel connected with nature and savour the excitement of encounters with wildlife first hand.
  6. Learn how to observe wind direction, to read animal tracks and to pay attention to animal behavior.
  7. Enjoy also the smaller wildlife, which can’t be so easily seen from a vehicle.
  8. More adventurous and intimate way to experience nature and wildlife than by vehicle.

One of the best places to do a walking safaris is in the Serengeti. This famous park is home to all of Africa's mammals and the great annual migration. To get a idea what to expect, watch a video of our Serengeti Walking Safari.

Walking safaris in this area can be anything from a night or two, to longer expeditions over many days. Check our multi-day walking packages in the Serengeti.