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Jul 20, 2017

Why choose Wayo for a walking safari?

Walking safaris have become more and more popular in Tanzania in the last few years. No wonder since it's the most authentic safari experience on earth. Never are a guide's abilities more important than when you are walking in the bush. So be sure you choose the right safari operator. We give you 9 reasons why you should choose Wayo.

  1. Private walks
    We offer private walking safaris, tailor made to your specific wishes. This allows flexibility for you to go at your own pace. You decide if you want to take it easy or you want to challenge yourself for longer routes.
  2. Pioneer in walking safaris
    Wayo Africa is a pioneer in setting up walking safaris, particularly in Serengeti National Park. Only a handful of companies have been granted permission to enter this park on foot. We are the only company to operate in the remote areas where we walk.
  3. Best walking guides
    Never are a guide's abilities more critical than when you are walking in the bush, both for safety and the wealth of information he can pass on to you. Our walking guides are experienced, knowledgeable and get constant training.   
  4. Very comfortable camping
    You sleep on 4-inch mattresses, cotton duvets and sheets and there is a toilet and shower behind your tent. Although being in remote areas, the camping is still very comfortable.
  5. Eco-friendly
    Our camps are easy to set up and manage, leaving much less impact. We use solar powered lights and have our own water filtration plant. Our guests receive a stainless steel water bottle to use during the safari. This way we reduce the use of plastic. 
  6. Follow the migration
    The Wayo camps are designed to fit on a small trailer that can easily be towed in to the bush, allowing for movement as the animals move.
  7. Delicious cuisine
    The food we serve is really good. The majority of the preparations will be done in our kitchens in Arusha, this way much more elaborate meals can be served. A small crew will join the safari and do all the final preparations of the food and help around the camp.
  8. Value for money
    Our camps offer excellent value for money and have been voted 'Best Value' by Lonely Planet.
  9. Best reviews on Tripadvisor
    We realise other people's opinions about us have much more impact and authority than the claims we make about ourselves. So please read the reviews of other travelers on Tripadvisor.

One of the best places to do a walking safaris is in the Serengeti. This famous park is home to all of Africa's mammals and the great annual migration. To get a idea what to expect, watch a video of our Serengeti Walking Safari.

Wayo offers walking safari in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire. Walking safaris in these areas can be anything from a night or two, to longer expeditions over many days.