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Sue, Alex & Kids - February 2013

Our 7-day safari with Wayo Africa far exceeded our expectations. The private safari gave us the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the adventure with our three young children (ages 4, 9 and 11), our safari guide brought us up close to countless wildlife and shared his encyclopedic knowledge in an engaging way. 
We rode in rugged yet comfortable safari vehicles, slept in clean comfortable camps set in stunning locations, and ate delicious food. Wayo Africa created an unforgettable and hassle-free adventure that needs to be experienced!


Joan Framst - February 2013

Our recent safari with Wayo was awesome and more than I expected.

Our driver would stop wherever we wanted and knew so much about the animals and birds. The little lunch was always delicious and much more than we expected.

It’s a bit hard to pick, but I think I enjoyed the walks best of all. It was amazing how much our guide knew about all the plants and their value for medicine. And although we were walking out in the open I always felt safe because of our guide and the ranger that accompanied us.

Thanks for a great experience Wayo! 


David and Christine O'Connor - June 2009

WOW! We had an INCREDIBLE TRIP! What an adventure!!!

There's nothing better than enjoying a Kilimanjaro beer as the sun sets, while watching elephants and giraffe feed need a lake filled with thousands of pink flamingos. Going on safari with the Wayo team (also known as Green Footprint Adventures), is a truly unique and incredible way to experience real Africa. The safari trips are tailored to fit the traveler, with a mix of game drives and walking safaris over your choice of national parks. The staff is friendly and they handle everything from light-weight camp set-up to the cuisine. The spread of food is's a long way from sausages by the camp fire. You have full course meals that include the flavors of Tanzania. The guide is an expert in the field with a vast knowledge of animals and wildlife. It was fun to be so close to the animals and I always felt safe. This was the most fabulous trip of my life!

Where did we go?

We started in Arusha....and we carried onto Lake Manyara for our first few nights of camping. After that, we drove to the Massai Steppe and climbed Ol Donyo Samdu and camped out for a few days. We finished with a few days in Tarangire National Park.

I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! And we saw SO many animals...including a leopard.

Gordon Lenox & family - July 2009

I am horrified that it has taken me so long to thank you for organising the most wonderful safari for us all. You were extraordinarily kind to have helped us so much and to have you for the time in Tarangire was a real treat. Cooling angry buffalo, sunset walks, letting Alex fire the rifle and the great swamp trip made for an exceptional time there and set us up for the week. Thank you so much.

Chi chi, Khamis, Peter and James were all wonderfully helpful, friendly and excellent throughout. You have a good team there. Peter's cooking was one of the biggest surprises of the holiday..........based on our level of expectation..............and we went on to reckon that he does the best beef stroganoff in the whole of Africa. Khamis's work rate was remarkable and what a set up he ran with mess tent, "loo with a view," his waitering skills and of course the expertise required to get everything into the trailor. The move from Manyara was a masterpiece.

We would all like to mention how outstanding James was given that he must do it so often. He kept us constantly amused with his real and make believe stories and was far more than we would have been happy with. He was fun,
well organised, diplomatic and clearly had friends everywhere.....very useful. We have emailed him seperately but please do pass on our thanks as necessary.  

Jean, your whole Wayo proposition is very exciting and for us hit the spot exactly. We wish you the best of luck with it and if there is anything we can do to help promote the approach we shall. Let us know if you would like any references etc. In the meantime I will send over a disc of some of the photographs and do by all means use them as you see fit.

We had a good few days in Zanzibar letting the girls get some sun whilst us boys spent rather more time in the sea. Very sad how Stone Town has lost its great appeal, but an interesting trip all the same.
We so hope that your new arrival goes to plan and good luck to both of you with all of that. Busy times......

You have given us all a special time for which many thanks. Please do come and see us if you are ever in England with a little time to never know we may be back......

Best wishes

Edward, Kate, Alex, Rosie and Laura

Ayse Sabuncu - July 2009

Pictures of Ayse's safari <;feat=directlink> 

Tanzania seems like a dream already.

Miss you all and I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Bruce Mahin - July 2009


The trip was very successful and all went well. The most important is that you and Jean understood very well what our desires were and sent us to the right places with the right people.


River trees Lodge: nice place, well received.


The Serengeti part was unforgettable not only because Alice was able to see on the first morning a lion observing her from the top of a rock between 50 & 100 m away while she was pants down on the loo, nor because we were lucky enough to see leopard in tree with reedbuck, cheetah catching small gazelle, male lion eating a wildebeest and another mating but mainly because personnel (Richard, Paul and Amissi) were great. Richard's extensive knowledge, in addition to mammals and birds, of trees and flowers was a boon for Alice.

I made a few small (and inexpensive) suggestions to Jean over a "few" drinks at Massai Camp to make things even better. If I ever decide to take a walk on the wild side (= a walking safari, not Lou Reed's song), he will be my guide.


Rothia Valley Lodge

Our hosts were most enjoyable; the accommodation and food were great (in particular their wine selection). I even went on a short bird-watching walk with the host. And knowing that profits go towards the orphanage helps. Ngorongoro an Manyara: up to their reputation.


Karama Lodge: nice place, well received.