Tanzania: Safaris, Sights & Sociable Locals

Tanzania has a reputation for the beautiful extremes it holds within its borders. Enchanting vistas, stunning landscapes and a the cultural and biological diversity characterize this memorable destination. An unspoiled wilderness, Tanzania has something for everyone. It boasts the dramatic Mt. Killimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, the enormous Ngorongoro Crater, multiple protected areas, three of the continent's largest lakes and a diverstiy of ecosystems, including tropical forests, savanna, grassland, glacial peaks, and white-sand beaches.  Tanzania offers amazing wildlife opportunities within its many scenic parks and reserves, such as the remarkable wildebeest migration in the Serengeti.

Tanzania also has a fascinating rainbow of cultures. Among its 26 million inhabitants, there are over a hundred traditional tribes across the country, such as the Chagga, Sukuma and Maasai to name a few. Over thousands of years this land has been touched and influenced by countless peoples, from the first Bantu settlers who came from South and West Africa to the Arab traders, whose trace still dominates the magical island of Zanzibar. Everything from food to culture is influenced by by these historic settlers, India and the remnants of the Portuguese, German and British colonialists. Having gained its independence in 1961, Tanzania takes pride in its tribally diverse, yet peaceful country. A hospitable place, you must come see Tanzania for yourself!