Ngorongoro Classic Green Camp

A stylish traditional-style tented camp in the remote highlands nearby to a local Maasai Village

Ngorongoro Classic Green Camp


A traditional-style camp with authentic cultural experiences in a remote highlands location but within reach of the Ngorongoro Crater floor.


The camp is set away from the busy crater rim ensuring total tranquility. It is on an exclusive, semi-permanent campsite with no permanent platforms or plumbing for the tents which would be damaging to the environment within the conservation area.

Situated in a dense Acacia Lahai forest, it is located up a valley on the Southern slopes of Lemagrut Volcano. Much older than Ngorongoro caldera itself, Lemagrut is the second highest peak in the highlands rising to 3147m and one of the volcanoes forming the Ngorongoro Highlands together with the actual Ngorongoro Crater.

One can enjoy fantastic views from this camp southwards towards Lake Eyasi and the Masaai Steppe far below. The camp is high at approximately 2700m and cold. The main mess tent is equipped with wood buring stoves and gas heaters in the sleeping tents with thick blankets ensuring for a warm and cozy atmosphere. 






The camp is located on the Makau track and approximately a 30 minute drive from the Crater decent gate on a good road. This track will eventually reach the very southern Serengeti short grass plains and a perfect way to access the migration from January till March. It is also a very nice and quiet drive avoiding the busier main road heading over Naabi Hill.


Maasai Experience

This is one of the few camps where an authentic and private Masaai experience is possible. Wayo Africa is cautious about cultural visits and especially the Masaai who are a tribe on the brink of giving up traditional customs for a Western life. We do not want our guests to impact or unnecessary speed this the choice of change or not for this tribe.

We have been camping in the area for almost three decades and feel grateful to call Chief Ole Dorop and his family, our friends. He or one of his sons arrange really lovely and authentic Maasai activities at the campsite allowing guests see and experience these ancient traditions. Ole Dorop is available to join clients for dinner, take a short or half day walk direct from the camp. He and his sons have extremely interesting conversations about their life in Ngorongoro but also about themselves as Maasai traveling the world!

Our visits are respectful and in partnership with only one village thats located close to camp. A short walk to a demonstration of a ritual Masaai Orpult ceremony is an easy and comfortable look into the culture. We can also arrange visits to the nearby village and there are often evening singing and dancing around the camp fire.


Walking Safaris

Walks of various levels are available from this camp. One can enjoy an hour-long stroll around the boundaries of camp with a Masaai elder who will interpret the fauna around camp and explain the Masaai uses. You can also enjoy much more strenuous hikes ranging from half day hike all the way to a full day hike and even overnight hikes into fly camps.



Delicious cuisine

All meals are prepared by a chef in a camp kitchen. Served by waiters as either plated of buffet, depending on the menu of the day. All meals are 3-course, well prepared home cooking. The camp has shared dining, however we are more than happy to set up private dining on request. We can also provide a hot BBQ lunch to be served on the Ngorongoro Crater Floor - this must be pre-booked. 


Eco friendly camps

All our Green Camps operate in the most environmentally sustainable manner. We use low impact energy creation wherever we can.


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