Wayo Walking Camp

Feet on the ground and accessing the remote

Wayo Walking Camp


With a history of always focussing on the real African wildlife experience, out of the vehicle and feet on the ground, this little walking camp draws everything together into one complete package. It sits very close to our hearts.

The focus here is on an immersive nature experience. Beds are newly-designed and comfortable and are fashioned on the old-style swag rolls sitting on the ground. These Star Tents are complete gauze with a fly sheet overhead should it rain. When you wake up in the morning, your gaze is through the grasses giving you that true feeling of being immersed in nature.

Due to its light operation and minimal driving in vehicles, this camp can reach areas normally unused by tourists. Guests can go days on these trekking excursions and not see another vehicle in the Serengeti.

The crew provides a delicious breakfast for the group to take on their walk with their guide and National Park Ranger as they set off across the plains. The crew then pack up camp and move it to a new location ahead of the group. Lunch will be provided for their arrival into camp and the rest of the day is focussed on relaxing and reading with a short afternoon/evening walk once the heat of the day subsides.

Treks of this nature become quite meditative in their influence where guests become quieter and more centred as the days pass. Walking allows people to notice the smaller details, unique grasses, different species of insects and tracks from larger animals.

Trekking routes and sites are only planned a maximum of 2 weeks prior to departure to make sure that the experience is tailored around the best locations for the optimal wildlife viewing.


Safaris tend to take the form of a flight from Arusha into Serengeti then straight to camp for a briefing. An afternoon/evening walk with sundowners, freshly cooked supper over an open fire and then to bed for an early departure the following morning.

Camp will move usually every other day to allow guests to explore different areas. In some organised trekking challenges (to trek from one point to another across a number of days) the camp moves every day.