Wayo Little Green Camp

Small in size but heavy on experience

Wayo Little Green Camp


Little Green Camp’s smaller size allows it to achieve an in-depth, wild experience of the Serengeti. This adventurous camp is able to move more frequently; more closely following the movements of the herds as they circle through the Serengeti eco-system. Its locations are deeper into the remote parts of the eco-system and away from the crowds.

Wayo Little Green Camp’s lightweight tents are perfect for couples or families with older children. They are known as star tents; bespoke made with gauze sides and roof to enable guests to feel as though they are wild camping in the African plains without compromising on safety. Sides can be covered in the event of heavy rains and curtains provide privacy if required.

Despite being small and more adventurous, these tents still benefit from an attached private bathroom with a bucket shower and a compost toilet.

Our walks from this camp can be either full day walks or half days and guests loop back to camp. Our regions benefit from interesting rocky kopjes, drainage lines and acacia woodlands allowing you to discover areas outside of a vehicle. All walks are carried out by a trained Wayo Africa walking guide and a Serengeti Park Ranger.

WAYO LITTLE GREEN CAMP can also be booked exclusively.