When to go

Best times to visit Tanzania

Tanzania has three very distinct seasons and your itinerary should be designed accordingly. For example, the Serengeti is a huge place and going to the wrong place at the wrong time can leave you with a sense of traveling through a wasteland - with a mouthful of dust! The same goes for the rest of Tanzania; going to some of the Southern Tanzanian National Parks in the rainy season (or just after) will ensure some intimate experiences with Tsetse flies...

For a safari in Northern Tanzania (Serengeti and surrounding parks) the season is determined by the movement of the annual wildebeest migration. These animals are constantly on the move and we can generally predict where they should be at a given time of the year. Since the Serengeti is vast and we don't want to waste time driving over barren areas we focus our "Serengeti time" in the area where the migration will be.

So...when choosing a time of year to go, we can help you with what is typically the best wildlife viewing during that period and make sure you get there to see it. Here are our itineraries for each season:

Tanzania Seasons
1. December - March - The Short Rains
2. April - June - The Long Rains
3. July - November - the Dry Season