Tarangire National Park

Elephants at Full Moon

Tarangire Walking Safaris

A combination of Maasai encounters and secret sleeping vantage points to watch elephants in the full moon.


Tarangire National Park features the largest concentration of wildlife in Tanzania that remains in the park throughout the year. It is known for its large herds of elephants near the river. The southern part especially is extremely remote and hard to get to. Few tourists venture here, keeping this area wild and the perfect spot for a private walking safari.

Sample itinerary: Tarangire walking safari 9-days


Arrive in Tanzania - transfer to Arusha and overnight at Rivertrees Country Inn

We depart from Arusha and drive over the Masaai Steppe towards a mountain called Oldonyo Sambu. Here we enjoy an afternoon stroll and the beautiful views from the top of the rock where we are camping. Dinner tonight and for the following nights will all be under the stars.

We wake up early and enjoy a morning bush walk and a steep but manageable climb to the top of Oldonyo Sambu Mountain. For the more adventurous there is an interesting chimney to climb through to the top…

Once down from the mountain and fed we continue by car to our next camp. Today’s drive will take us through some very remote Masaai settlements where you will get quality Masaai interactions. We should arrive in camp in time for a nice afternoon walk inside Tarangire National Park. This area is very good for herbivores (plant eaters) and you stand a good chance to see Giraffe, Impala, Dik dik and many more.

Wake up early and enjoy a morning bush walk and a steep but manageable climb to the top of a nearby mountain. After descent and lunch, you continue by car to our next camp. Today's drive will take you through some very remote Maasai settlements. We will visit the Masaai chief of the area and pay our respects for being able to pass through his land.

You arrive in camp in time for a nice afternoon walk inside Tarangire National Park. Here starts your real walking with wildlife. This area is very good for herbivores (plant eaters) and you stand a good chance to see giraffe, impala, dik dik and many more. We will follow the footsteps and trails of animals left behind walking to and from watering holes. During the next few days you will move the way animals move and it is with this that our senses will come to life.

Today will be an easy full day walk. You cover approximately 14km on flat ground. You depart from camp early following game trails past various water holes. The aim of being on foot is to be quiet and feel connected with the bush without the physical obstruction a vehicle brings. We will be quiet as we wander through the bush and will focus on smaller things such as birds, insects, plants and tracks. Saying this, there is always a chance that we will encounter larger mammals and for this reason you will be guided by an extremely well trained and armed guide.

You arrive in camp for a late lunch and enjoy the rest of the afternoon in and around camp. This camp is situated about 1km behind the waterholes. Over the years we have located a few vantage points from where we can quietly view animals coming down to the water to drink without disturbing them. During full moon evenings it is possible to view animals moving down to the waters edge from camp.

After a relaxing breakfast you can enjoy a short morning walk to Olivers Camp a few kilometres up river. This beautiful camp is situated in the remote southeastern reaches of the park. For the next day you will enjoy the pampering of this luxury lodge with their great staff and delicious meals.


For those keen on more wildlife viewing, regular game drives and walks are available from the lodge.

Budget: $8,000 - $9,000 per person all inclusive (exl international flights).

Depending on group size, age of children, time of year and choice of camps. Contact us for a bespoke quote for your party and budget.
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