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Aloyce - Safari guide


Aloyce was born in the Pare Highlands of Kilimanjaro. He obtained his Advanced Certificate in Tour Guiding as well as a certificate in French language. In 2008 Aloyce joined Wayo Africa as an activity guide. He is one of our safari guides who has worked his way up through Wayo’s internal guide training programme. Starting off as an activity guide taking guests on walks, canoeing, biking and cultural tours. He is a safari guide for just over 2-years now and is thoroughly enjoying the experience of guiding guests into so many special places in Tanzania.

Aloyce’s favourite game viewing location is the Northern Serengeti during the dry months (July-October) where the place is full of animals. " It is exciting to see the herds of wildebeest as they arrive at the Mara River and make the crossing, following their survival instinct for high grazing value grasses and water."

One of Aloyce's most memorable wildlife sightings was with guests in the Ngorongoro Crater. They observed a lioness stalking a resting black rhino – which seemed strange as rhinos are not usually on a lions food menu. The rhino suddenly realised and stood up and chased the lioness. This caused a nearby zebra herd to also run and in the chaos another 2 lionesses ambushed and caught an unsuspecting zebra foal. " It was incredible to see all this interaction unfold right there in front of our eyes."

Aloyce invites you to join him on safari in this amazing part of Africa." I would love to share my knowledge and some stories with you as well as learn something about you and your country and hear some of your interesting stories too."