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Emmanuel- safari guide


Emma used to see many safari guides travelling through Mto wa Mbu, the village where he was raised. This inspired him to study and to become a safari guide himself. After he obtained his diploma in Tourism Management, he was given an opportunity in 2009 to join Wayo Africa as an activity guide. He spent 5 years guiding guests on cultural tours, mountain biking, canoeing and walking safaris. He learned as much as he could about the beauty of the Tanzanian wildlife – slowly his dream was coming true.

One of Emma’s most incredible sightings was during a canoe safari in Arusha National Park. He and his guests suddenly saw an African Rock Python (Africa’s largest snake) slip into the water as a young waterbuck came down to the water edge. Positioning the canoes for a good view, everyone watched in amazement. The python surprised the young waterbuck and caught it, wrapped its body around it to constrict it and slowly swallow it whole.

Emma has a real passion for guiding children. This is evident in his beaming smile and very nurturing way of sharing his knowledge with them. “I love my work, I love my country – God Bless Tanzania." 

Emma also speaks spanish and welcomes you to Tanzania: “Karibu sana” –  “De nada” – “You are most welcome”