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Zeph - Safari guide

The Ngorongoro area is where Zeph grew up and from a young boy he knew that he wanted to be a safari guide. Occasionally he got the chance as a boy to go into the crater to see lions. This was an amazing experience for a young boy and he would come back and tell everyone his story. It were days like this that inspired Zeph to become a safari guide. His thirst for knowledge resulted in him joining Wayo Africa on the guide training programme, as an activity guide with a view to becoming a safari guide. After about 3 years of guiding guests in canoes, mountain bikes, walks and cultural tours, Zeph was promoted to a safari guide. He is very happy spending a lot of time in the bush since he loves all aspects of our natural environment and enjoys sharing his knowledge with everyone.

One of Zephs best wildlife memories was the first time he saw the wildebeest crossing the Mara River in the Northern Serengeti. He couldn’t believe how the wildebeest would jump into the river swarming with crocodiles and it was intriguing to see how driven they were by the need to follow food and water. Natures instinct is amazing.

“I am constantly learning more and more about the wonderful natural world and I would be honoured to share my knowledge and experience with you – one is never too old to learn. Tanzania is a very peaceful country and we try our best to protect our natural wonders.”