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Leonard - Safari guide

Leonard grew up on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. He always dreamed of being a safari guide as a young boy, while enjoying the birds, monkeys, genet, bushbuck and dik-diks in the vicinity of Kilimanjaro. So in 2010, after obtaining his Advanced Certificate in Tour Guiding, his dream was realised and Leonard became a Wayo safari guide. In the last years he has worked his way up through Wayo’s internal guide training programme. 

Leonard has a particular love for the central Serengeti. “There is always something interesting to see amongst the diverse habitats of woodland, grassland, rocky outcrops (kopjes) and fresh water." Guiding children is one of Leonards passions as he likes to see them having fun while learning about our delicate environment and how everything in nature fits together. “The excitement on their faces is amazing to see and to be part of."

One of Leonards most incredible sightings was in the central Serengeti where he and his guests saw a leopard with her 2 cubs in a tree, feeding on a Thomson's gazelle carcass. Below the sausage tree 2 hyenas waited for their opportunity. While one of the cubs tried to drag the carcass across the branch, it fell on the ground. In a flash the mother leopard was down the tree, grabbed the carcass in her mouth and dragged it up the tree again. Before the hyenas could snatch it from her.

Leonard welcomes you to join him on safari with your family for an authentic African wildlife experience.