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Prim - Safari guide

Prim is a passionate safari guide with over 10 years experience. He is also one of our walking guides. 

Tarangire National Park is his favourite place to guide due to the “almost untouched wilderness”. You feel very private while on safari in Tarangire, whether it is walking or driving and the game viewing is really productive. You have a good chance of seeing some special species like Generuk, Oryx, Greater Kudu, Lesser Kudu as well as there being a big population of elephants and Baobab trees.

One of Prim’s most memorable sightings occurred in the Northern Serengeti while he and his guests were observing a mother cheetah and her sub-adult cubs.         " Suddenly the female cheetah raced off on the hunt for a Thomson’s gazelle (mother and young). The Thomson’s gazelle lamb was easy prey for the cheetah but what happened next was incredible. We witnessed how she brought back the lamb to her cubs and released it for them to practice hunting and catching their own prey. As cruel and harsh as this may sound, this is nature at work and we watched this scene for over an hour, fascinated by the learning process that the sub-adult cheetah were going through."

Prim is also a walking guide and birding is his speciality listing the diminutive Pearl-spotted owlet as his favourite bird – “the pearl spots and false eyes are wonderful to see”. Prim encourages you to come to Tanzania on safari and include some time for a walking safari to get to know some of the smaller things that are often overlooked and to learn some fascinating facts about the Fig Tree – his favourite tree!

Asante sana   -   Thank you very much