Our Philosophy

What is "Wayo"? Our Philosophy

"Wayo" means footprint in Swahili. "Footprint" is symbolic of who we are.

First, we see this as treading lightly. Our goal is to run our company in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We are constantly aiming to improve our operations and influence and educate others around us to do the same.


"Footprint" also symbolizes getting closer to Africa, to get out of the vehicle and explore Africa from the ground level. It is only on this level, that a true love and understanding of the continent can be obtained. We aim to get all our guests out of the vehicles as much as possible. The perfect safari for us is when our guests spend more time outside exploring this beautiful place rather than inside looking out.

"Footprint" also means getting in touch with the local people. Experiencing Africa is about so much more than just wildlife viewing. We feel meeting the local people and learning about Tanzania's diverse cultures is a vital part of any safari. We offer all our guests various ways to spend meaningful time with Tanzania's diverse tribes, such as the unique opportunity to visit the Hadzabe Bushman.