Trekking Safari

Go where no one goes in the Serengeti!

Do you want to immerse yourself in the true wilderness and trek into remote areas of the Serengeti that few other travelers have been to? One of the most spectacular ways to experience authentic Tanzania is by trekking (backpacking) through the Serengeti. Away from the comfort of the 4WD safari vehicle your senses suddenly awaken as the bush becomes more ‘real’. A thrilling wildlife experience in the Serengeti where you walk and camp off the beaten track, in the heart of nature.

Trekking in the Serengeti

Trekking is a new concept Wayo Africa introduced into the Serengeti. While trekking you have the opportunity to encounter wildlife up close and personal and to learn tracks and signs from expert walking guides. Our trekking safaris are suited for physically fit and adventurous travelers who love to camp in the bush.

Trained walking guide

You trek into remote areas of the Serengeti with an extremely well trained walking guide, a ranger, a chef and porters who will carry the bulk of the equipment. You are only required to carry a light backpack (maximum 15-20 kg) and to set up your own lightweight tent. To sleep in a tent under the trees with only the canvas between you and the bush is an experience not easily forgotten.

Camp in the bush

You will sleep in lightweight tents with comfortable mattresses and mosquito mesh sides/tops so you can gaze at the stars at night. We try to make it as comfortable as possible, still these trekking safaris are more about being out in the bush, exploring remote areas rather than luxury.

Nice meals and fresh water

Together with the crew you will follow a watercourse for the entire journey to ensure a constant supply of fresh water. All water is filtered and treated before consumption. The delicious meals are prepared by the camp crew. To ensure we always carry fresh and top quality meals we will link up with a resupply every 3 to 4 days.

Trekking Safari programme

A general trekking day looks as follows:

  • Around 5am: we wake up and pack up our camp. The chef will have a fresh pot of coffee brewing as well as some muesli to kick-start the day.

  • Around 6am: we start our morning walk (12-15km) on easy terrain. You will carry a high protein breakfast snack with you as well as lunch. These will both be enjoyed on the trail. As part of our equipment we have ultra-lightweight camp chairs that fold up small and assemble in seconds. They allow guests to have a comfortable sit down meal and break.

  • Between 11-12am: we start looking for a campsite, set up our camp and pretty much relax in our camp for the heat of the day. This might involve a siesta, some reading, sitting in the river etc. We set off on a shorter more local walk around camp with no backpacks in the later afternoon. This walk generally is around 5km. The porters and chef stay back in camp and prepare dinner.

  • Between 7-8 pm: dinner will be served and its pretty much bedtime after that.

Note. We advise travellers that this trekking experience should not be less than 2-nights out but advisably more than three nights. Our trekking safaris can be inserted as part of a vehicle based game viewing safari or they can stand alone.

Check our Trekking Safari Camps for more information and photos or contact us for a customised itinerary and quote.