Wayo Africa Walking

Wayo means Footprint - walking is our thing!

Walking Safaris

Adventurous and active way to explore the Tanzanian wilderness and culture


Walking is where Wayo began - we have been doing it for over 25 years - this drive to allow people to reconnect with the environment around them out of the safari vehicle. A light footprint exploration! Taught by the indigenous people of Tanzania, walks are safe, respectful, educational and above all - unique!


Our Director Jean du Plessis at the start of Wayo Africa - formally known as 'Green Footprint'


We offer many different walks from our walking camps in the Serengeti, our Green Camps in Northern Seregeti and Manyara. For the true adventurer; we also run trans-serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater rim hikes with our trekking Fly Camps

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Activity only Bookings


Booked with another company or are you a local agent? Below are a sample of our standalone short walks from more central collection points which can be booked seperately.


Lake Duluti walk – Arusha

Enjoy a beautiful walk under the canopy of the Lake Duluti forest on the shores of the lake. From this location you have the perfect opportunity to view both forest and water birds. Experienced guides will assist you in identifying all the lesser known birds and trees.


Forest hike - Manyara

Hike down the Great Rift Valley, through a dense ground water forest. View birds, monkeys, bush buck and other forest animals. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the forest while the fresh streams and waterfalls surrounding you.


Village walk - Mto Wa Mbu

Visit Mto Wa Mbu village for a great cultural experience with an experienced, English speaking guide who grew up in the village. Visit local farms, schools, a kindergarten, local homes, the market and milling machines. We can include a local lunch for your guests that are served in a lovely banana plantation deep inside Mto Wa Mbu village.


We also offer walking safaris and trekking safaris for people who are very active and adventurous.

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