Wayo Africa Safari Camps

Light on the ground but heavy on experience

Safari Camps

Wayo Africa Camps: Right in the Heart of Nature

Accommodation while on safari is as varied as the wildlife. But if you want to experience authentic Tanzania, right in the heart of nature, our Wayo Camps are light on the ground and heavy on experience. 


Non-stop safari experience

In our comfortable camps you will have a non-stop safari experience at stunning locations with breathtaking scenery. Overlook wildlife from your dining table, spend the evening around the campfire under starry skies, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Our Camps

Whether you are game driving and looking for sundowners and a delicious supper, or you want to do a trans-seregenti hike across the plains, we have accomodation to suit everyone. Our camps are split into three different categories:

Classic safari camps (Manyara Green Camp, Serengeti Green Camp & The River Camp)

Walking safari camps (Seasonal Locations)

Trekking safari camps (Mobile Fly Camps)

2020-2021 Our Banagi River camp is currently not operating but we are working with partners in this area to continue to offer camping and walking in Central Serengeti. 


Green Camps

Our Green Camps include between 6 and 10 4m-squared tents with en-suite bathrooms (bucket showers and compost loos). Our Manyara Camp is semi-permanent so tents are set upon decks to make the more of the view of the river bed. Serengeti Green Camps are set in the plains. Our Green Camps enjoy the use of a large mess tent where guests can enjoy dinner and drinks if the rains decide to fall. Normally, however, evenings are spent with a glass of something cool in-hand around the camp fire re-lving the days' excitement. Due to the location of these camps, the sounds of the African wildlife are all around creating a truly immersive and memorable experience. 


Walking Camps

Our Walking camps are lighter on the ground but guests still enjoy a proper bed, ensuite bathroom and a full staff. Walking camps are more remote and are designed for guests looking to switch off from the world and re-connect.


Fly Camping

The ultimate adventure. With a small crew and guests with backpacks carrying your own equipment, this mimicks an expeditionary-style of safari in The Serengeti. In the lands where the human race is rumoured to have begun, walks are usually full days to a new camp location each night. Camps are light and set deep in the wilderness and far from populated areas.


Most important part of any camp? The bathroom!

Really, there is nothing quite like a hot shower under a starry, African sky!

Your comfort is important to us. You may be wondering, what is a Wayo Green Camp bathroom really like? 

Showers: Showers are spacious with plenty of hot water provided to clean and refresh you after a day on safari. There is a mesh ground cloth with a wooden frame for standing on and water is provided in an over-head container with a spigot so you can turn it on and off as needed. 

Depending on the time of year, we will also collect rain water for showering. As you can imagine, every drop counts, especially during the dry season.

Soap and towels are provided for each guest.


Toilets: Toilets are spacious and comfortable. We place a large wooden box with a toilet seat over shallow pit latrines; meaning we dig a hole about 1-2 meters (3-7 feet) deep and place a comfortable, fitted wooden toilet box and seat and cover over top. Our toilets are the same height as standard western-style toilets.

After using the toilet you sprinkle soil, which is provided in small buckets, into the hole and cover it up. This process eliminates odor, provides a visual barrier after each use, and supports the leave-no-trace camping ethic of Wayo Africa. These toilets are odor free due to their open ceilings and our method of covering and burying waste.

Fly camping facilities are a little more 'rustic' due to the camp's mobile, adventurous intentions.


Is camping in the wilderness safe?

We have been operating remote safari camps and waling safaris for over 25 years. We have a fully trained team working at our Camps who are used to living out in the bush all-year-round. Wildlife can be more of an amusing nuisance than a threat with staff losing their slippers to an inquisitive hyena or a cool-box to a honey badger. The wildlife here are very used to our camps so they tend to ignore our comings and goings. We also respectfully keep our distance from known pride areas or dens.

All our tents are enclosed and sealed by zips with the ensuite bathrooms open to the air but their boundary secure. You will recieve a full-safety briefing on arrival and in the very unliely event that you have an issue or concerns, tents are fitted with whistles and walkie-talkies for you to get the staff's attention.