Wayo Serengeti Green Camp

Close enough to the action but far away from the crowds

Wayo Serengeti Green Camp


Sustainability in Every Thread


Our Wayo Serengeti Green Camp features our newly designed tents sewn by local teams located on the boundary of Arusha National Park. The offering further extends our iconic Wayo mesh-sided tents to be 180 degrees creating a picture-window frontage and taking the inside-outside experience to another level.


Encased in a beautiful stretch canvas overhead, tents sensitively blend into the landscape whilst also providing shade and privacy. There are ensuite bathrooms with low-flush toilets and bucket showers.


Interiors have been carefully sourced with help of anthropologists and fresh-to-the-field designers; celebrating cultural groups and encouraging the development of local craftsmanship whilst bringing an innovative interior flair and high-level of comfort.

The guest experience is focussed around immersing guests in both the feeling of being in the wilds of the parks whilst also appreciating the local craftsmanship. Bed panels made from banana leaves in Mto Wa Mbu - local to our activity centre. Maasai belted cushions, Chaga cup chandeliers, and countless other celebrations. Each sensitively placed to incite interest and provide exceptional comfort.




Guiding is a speciality of our’s and our Wayo Africa guides are well known in the industry as being some of the best. Game drives are available in camp on game package and also by booking a private guide and vehicle.

Our guides are keen to understand our guests’ experiences and what they have seen before their visit to Serengeti Green Camp. They prioritise wildlife experiences away from other vehicles and will manage sightings very carefully with this is mind.

Guides have an extensive knowledge of the wildlife in the Serengeti through our ongoing in-house guide training programme.



Wayo Serengeti Green Camp primarily offers a taster of walking safaris. Wayo can run short walks from this camp either in the morning or the afternoon. Longer full-day walks are available with a private vehicle and Wayo guide.

Walking provides guests with a different dimension on a safari. Guides unpick the careful balance of the Serengeti eco-system from the length of the grasses to the dung beetle and caterpillar. Walks are conducted by our most experienced safari guides all of whom have had rifle training. They are accompanied by a Serengeti Park Ranger. The reassurance of this safety allows guests to settle into the experience. Longer treks can become almost interpreted as a meditative journey.