Serengeti Green Camp

Moving from the North to the South with the herds - this camp is close enough to the action but far enough away from the crowds


Sustainability in Every Thread

We have been dreaming about the re-design of this camp for many years. We wanted to present a concept which can demonstrate our true commitment to sustainable tourism; crafted carefully and respectfully presented.


We decided to challenge ourselves to build all guest rooms and mess areas solely in Tanzania, using local Tanzanian trades and making sure that the investment and celebration of skills starts and finishes in our wonderful country. Coming to the end of this project, we are delighted that we have been able to fulfil our commitment.

Interiors have been carefully sourced with help of anthropologists and fresh-to-the-field designers; celebrating cultural groups and encouraging the development of local craftsmanship whilst bringing an innovative interior flair and high-level of comfort.


Our new Wayo Serengeti Green Camp features our newly designed tents sewn by local teams located on the boundary of Arusha National Park. The offering further extends our mesh-sides to be 180 degrees creating a picture-window frontage and taking the inside-outside experience to another level. Encased in a beautiful stretch canvas overhead, tents sensitively blend into the landscape whilst also providing shade and privacy. There remains an ensuite bathroom which is now enclosed and covered with low-flush toilets and bucket showers.

The guest experience is focussed around immersing guests in both the feeling of being in the wilds of the parks whilst also appreciating the local craftsmanship. Bed panels made from banana leaves in Mto Wa Mbu - local to our activity centre. Maasai belted cushions, Chagga cup chandeliers, and countless other celebrations. Each sensitively placed to incite interest and provide exceptional comfort.

Game Package is now available from this camp in our new lighter Suzuki Open Game Drive Vehicles. These little guys are much lighter on fuel and provide a wonderful experience for those smaller groups seating up to 4 guests. Game Package is also available for larger groups but will be using our traditional larger closed and open game drive vehicles. Walking safaris are also available on our Game Packages or when on an FB stay with one of our Wayo guides. We have extensions available into our more adventurous Wayo Walking Camp which offers full days of walking offering that next level of adventure.