Wild Camping

Combine comfort and style with amazing views and a close to nature experience. Our Green Camps are right in the heart of nature at stunning locations.

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Safari Activities

You want to add some adventure to your safari in Tanzania? These safari activities offer you a different perspective of the African bush and wildlife. 

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Serengeti Migration Safari

Witness the largest herd movement of animals on the planet. This is the ultimate Africa safari experience!

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Sustainable Tourism

We offer authentic safari expriences in the heart of the wild, while we take care of nature and local communities. 

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Access to wilderness

Our camps are set right in the bush, among the wildlife to ensure your safari doesn’t end once you get back to camp.

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Safari in Tanzania

Wayo Africa is a leader in authentic private safaris in beautiful remote areas in Tanzania. Specialised in safari activities, like walking, biking and canoeing.

Wayo prioritises Sustainable Tourism

Our philosophy is to offer authentic safari experiences close to nature, while we take care of nature and the local communities. We have our own eco-friendly Green Camps in the Serengeti and Lake Manyara. We also cut down on CO2 use by offering a lot of safari activities out of the vehicle.

Our safaris by their very nature, directly benefit the local communities. We only employ local Tanzanians and enjoy developing budding, enthusiastic guides to develop careers through the Wayo Africa training programme. We also provide training for free to rangers safeguarding the local National Parks. By choosing Wayo guests are active part in supporting this sustainable ethos.

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Wayo is Active

We were the first outfitter of adventure activities in the Tanzanian National Parks. So if you want to add some active adventure to your safari in Tanzania, check out the walking safaristrekking safaris or short activities like canoeing and biking. These safari activities awaken your senses!

Wayo Camps

If you want to experience authentic Tanzania, right in the heart of nature, our Green Camps in the Serengeti and Manyara are the ultimate accommodation. All our Green Camps are set in the heart of the bush at stunning locations, providing you an unique chance to connect with the African wilderness without equal. It's possible to mix and match the Green Camps with other lodges or tented camps. 

With Wayo Africa you can tailor your safari to be exactly what you want and nothing you don't!